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Nowdays ,more than 1000 units of lift and sealator are under Fuji specialist Servicess .Our Practiceal Experience with Combination Of many Certificate in this regards an keeping your equipment in top operating condition whieh is just part of or service. Mixing the resources,dedicated and highly responsive people make us the most preferable choice.

We are jut one call away and our service professional will initiate a quick response that will have your equipment working efficiently. FARAZ Rename experts, though a continuo us training program and extensive on site experience, and practical and useful guide line which prepared with attention to Iranian culture and prestigious perfect.

Repairing, modernizing, your elevator and escalator in due time is part of a complete maintenance service. This is the way and only way to ensure your equipment remains usable, valuable long term and cost effective. Most advancing of FUJI Control panel with lots of ability would help our engineers to find problem and troubleshooting Your elevator as soon as.