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FARAZ RAHNAMA ENG Group is Previously Known as Joint Venture of FUJI Company in Iran and Starting Since 2003 Our Responsibilty is Sale, installing , and after Sale Services of FUJI Products in Iran.

Our Goal Is Providing and Presenting The Various Kind of FUJI Products to all Our Customers as Specialist in building industy , to being familiar With one of the best in the World. The FUJI Company has Teamed up with an internationally established Partner to transfer advance state of the art japanese lift technology to if is fully equipped modern manufactuturing plant which is supported by sophisticated Computer aided stytems that produced high technology and passenger friendly elevator Prodacts.

The FUJI elevator Compassed Many Of the Common attributes expected by todays modern society .safety,reliability,performance Comfort,and design based on human needs .it is the result of the Companys research and development effort and embraces the latest leading edge technology complied with the proceeding might and the versatility of humble microprocessor.

Versatility is achieved via programmable micro-cotrollers ,the Software which can be written to cater to Exact requirements of the client,our engineers have made every effort to ensure simplicity in the system design while at the sametime maintaining system efficieney and versatility.